D-tect ItPhoenix Arizona Stucco Consulting and EIFS inspections

Detect It


> Providing thorough and accurate stucco analysis and EIFS inspections for industry professionals and homeowners in Phoenix, Arizona, Maricopa County, and throughout the nation.

Detect It Services:
We perform a variety of services including:

> QA/QC of Drainable EIFS Stucco Projects
> Exterior Stucco or EIFS Systems Review
> Stucco General Condition Reports
> Relocation Inspections
> Stucco & EIFS Consulting
> EIFS Special Inspections
> Maintenance Inspections
> Repair Recommendations for Residential or Commercial properties
> Expert Witness and Claims Investigations
> Adhered Stone Veneer Inspections

Our fees are reasonable and affordable, and we will work hard to accommodate your budget. For EIFS Special Inspections, we provide a hard bid line item for the general contractor or developer, so there's no guess work.

We work with Real Estate Agents, Owners Representatives, Maintenance Managers, Relocation Companies, Inspection Companies, Insurance Companies, Homeowners, General Contractors, Developers, Stucco Subcontractors, Attorneys, Testing Agencies and Architects. We also offer consulting expertise in EIFS and Stucco Systems review for Design Specialists and Architects.

The owner, Steve Caldwell, has been in the stucco industry in the Phoenix area for 37 years as an Applicator, Stucco Subcontractor Salesman, Material Supplier Salesman, Stucco Subcontractor, Estimator and an EIFS Manufacturers Representative. Steve, as a stucco subcontractor, had previously been certified by Dryvit, Parex, Flexirock, Ultrakote, Wiretex, Western One Kote, Magnawall, Stonewall and D-System. All four systems have a current AWCI EIFS Inspectors Certification.

We strive to work with the highest standards of integrity and honesty in all that we do and are very interested in working with your company.

Please contact us today and let us know how we can help you!